Who are we?

Build & Beyond is a young, dynamic business providing innovative product development solutions to businesses large and small. We believe in a structured, transparent and creative R&D process. Professionalism and customer focus are our priorities It all starts with an in-depth conversation about your wishes and our possibilities so that your expectations are entirely clear to us. Good communication is essential during the development process in order for us to fulfil your expectations.


Build & Beyond has collaborated on various patents. We are also active contributors to scientific publications. Accessibility is very important to us, both before and after delivery of your product.

You are welcome to visit our premises in The Hague for an an informal chat without any obligation!

Environment and society

As a company, we attach great value to local communities and the environment and we fully accept our responsibility in these matters. We are able to recycle our waste by manufacturing in a sustainable way. After residual materials are ground down again, they can be reused to injection-mould new products. Once a plastic product has reached the end of its service life, we can also take it back and recycle it.

gerecycelde aanspuittakken

We support local industry as much as we can. We do this on the one hand by fabricating injection moulds in the Netherlands, and on the other hand by manufacturing locally. Whenever manual assembly is required, our preference is always to work with social enterprise in the region. This means less transport is required during and after manufacture. This saves time, money and emissions.

We are also active in projects aimed at improving the environment. On top of that, we are involved in current socially relevant projects that support local communities as well.


Build & Beyond is always on the lookout for new talent. As an expanding business it is important for us to attract new colleagues with a range of expertise in product development.

You can also do an internship with us. We think it's important to play an active role in training future designers and engineers.



We want to ensure that MBO training schools can work closely with the business sector. Build & Beyond is happy to brainstorm with educational establishments and actively collaborate with them.

Horizon College

I've known Roché for several years now as an energetic entrepreneur who always keeps his word. He has built up a very strong network of suppliers, not only in the Netherlands, but also in Portugal and China, with whom he communicates well allowing him to deliver quality.

SafeDrivePod BV

Build & Beyond helped us a lot in the first phases of our R&D process. Their knowledge and network were very important when it came to making a product that took all the necessary facets into account.

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