Development and production of plastic injection-moulding products

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Product Development

Product Ontwikkeling

We take a creative approach to the technical design of your product.Existing products can also be improved upon.



We take care of the entire plastic injection moulding manufacturing process including post-production, assembly and transport

Do you have a product you would like to develop or manufacture using injection moulding?

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SafeDrivePodStacking TraySafeDrivePod
SensoterraWireless soil sensorSensoterra
KintaroSuper UrsusKintaro
Pressure ValvePressure Valve Bracket -


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Product development

Amazing products don't just happen by chance.

Build & Beyond is specialised in designing and making technical drawings of injection moulded plastic products. Our structured approach enables us to provide an estimate of the necessary outlay at an early stage.

Rapid prototyping enables you to have a product on hand within a short period of time. With an actual prototype, you are able to test the technical operation of your product or even use it as promotional material.

We can also provide you with technical product documentation, including CE, FCC en IP certification.

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Injection moulds

We manufacture high-quality injection moulds for all budgets. Depending on your needs and requests, we advise you on the optimal and most affordable injection mould.

Our injection moulds are made out of aluminium, steel or hardened steel. These moulds are made to the highest of quality standards and are suitable for European moulding machines. We are mostly able to deliver within 4 weeks so that you can have your first product in your hands quickly.

In the fabrication of our injection moulds, there are various possibilities for further shaping the product in terms of practicality and aesthetics.

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Injection moulding

We are able to injection-mould your plastic products with precision and to high standards of quality, even when using existing injection moulds. You can come to us for test samples or low-volume series.

Our manufacturing plants are spread across the globe, strategically located for efficient assembly and transport.

We stand for high quality at affordable prices. We can usually provide your first samples within 4 weeks!

About us

Build and Beyond's goal is to offer professional yet affordable product development and manufacturing to all businesses, whether large or small. We believe in innovative solutions through a structured, transparent and creative R&D process. Our priorities are professionalism and customer focus.

Together we develop an innovative product that can hold its own on the market.

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Do you have a product you would like to develop or manufacture using injection moulding?

Feel free to ask for more information!