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Injection moulding is a manufacturing technique whereby plastic is injected under high pressure into an injection mould. The advantage of injection moulding is its high degree of mouldability and the potential for mass production at low cost.

The first product can be delivered to you within just one month. Injection moulding can also be a worthwhile investment even for smaller quantities

From metal to plastic

Redesign your metal part into a plastic one for a lower cost price, greater mouldability and faster production rates.

Overmoulding with plastic

Plastic or metal components can be overmoulded by placing them inside the mould during the manufacturing process.

Injection moulding of plastic products

We manufacture your plastic products with precision, even when using existing injection moulds. We can help you not only with large volumes but also with sample injection mouldings and small series (100+).

The injection moulding machines can also make use of robotics, which means that the manufacturing process can be automated. It is therefore possible to separate or pack products automatically.

Spuitgiet Productie

We can also advise you on how to optimise your existing products and injection moulding manufacturing. This allows you to fine-tune adjustments during trial runs, and we can make the changes you require to your moulds in our own workshop.

Our production sites are all over the world at logistically strategic locations. We manufacture in the Netherlands, Portugal and China, and have a strong preference for local manufacturing. The choice for a manufacturing location is made in consultation with you. All locations have standard materials in stock to enable us to quickly start production. It is always possible to order a specific material and/or colour. We can give you advice about the choice of materials so that you are sure to get the right end result.

What types of plastics are there?

Every types of plastic has its own unique physical characteristics. The choice depends on the needs and wants you have for your product. We have standard materials like PP, ABS, PC and PA6 in stock.


Injection moulding can be automated so that manufacturing can continue 24/7. Furthermore, the use of robotics guarantees quality levels and efficient packaging.


Any waste that is generated during the manufacturing process of plastic can be recycled on site. Residual waste is reduced and you are able to manufacture in a sustainable way by grinding down ejected sprue and adding it back.

From semi-finished to end product

When your product is taken out of the mould it needs to be finished. For example, you might want your logo or a text printed on your product, or it could be given a silver or gold metallic finish.

We can advise you on suitable finishing techniques depending on your needs and requests, and if required, we can also provide you with samples.

Logo printing

A variety of techniques can be used to print your product with your logo. This ensures that you retain a measure of flexibility with your product as it can also be manufactured blank if you prefer.

Metallic finishes

We can give your product a metallic finish. It is relatively inexpensive to provide your product with a metallic or gold finish.

Press-fit inserts

Screw holes can be filled with press-fit inserts during or after injection moulding. These are copper insets that are moulded into the product so that you can be confident of the assembly.

Product assembly

We can take care of product assembly for you. There are a range of possibilities, from assembling electronics, to fitting casings or installing O-rings. If your product requires manual assembly, this can be arranged. We prefer to do this in cooperation with local social enterprise.

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Verpakking en Transport

Packaging & Transport

Plastic products are packaged efficiently. This is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. White label packaging is also possible so that it can be delivered directly to your client. Finally, we can also take care of transport for you, so that you don't need to look into that either!